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Partner's Service and Monaco have a long history together. The Principality's economic players and institutions trust the company with thirty years of experience in maintenance and cleaning. Stade Louis 11, the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel, the Grimaldi Forum, the Prince Albert II nautical centre ... All are customers that proudly convey Monaco’s brand image and have opted for Partner's Service.

Innovation and health

Partner's Service did not wait for COVID-19 to guarantee you a safe and flawless environment from a hygienic point of view. The company supports you in particular in obtaining the Monaco Safe label, which reassures your customers by indicating that your structure fully complies with health requirements. It is also at your side to obtain other certifications or labels. If you aspire to satisfy the latest environmental standards, Partner's Service will be there to support you.

Requirement and eco-responsibility

Partner's Service is used to dealing with companies from several industries. That is why the teams are trained to meticulously handle and maintain a variety of materials. The products used are both high-performance, in order to guarantee effective and lasting action, and gentle, so as not to alter the surfaces. In terms of maintenance equipment, Partner's Service invests in the latest innovations for optimal results. To uphold sustainable development, we are committed to going the extra mile in the sorting of waste, green management of resources and the use of eco-friendly products and equipment. Obtaining ISO 14001 certification is a basis on which we rely to protect the planet in our cleaning services. You can trust us: we value the importance of nature.

find here our environmental policy

Responsive and fast human service

Human relations are essential for Partner's Service. The company not only provides a service, but it also guarantees the complete follow-up of your request and provides responsive and speedy support from A to Z. This includes a customised audit of the service offered tailored to your real needs: type of surface, dimensions, number of occupants, specificities, etc. This is the philosophy of Partner's Service: putting people and customer satisfaction at the centre of everything. This mindset applies to its teams as well as to its customers.


In addition, Partner 's Service is organised on a daily basis to provide you with quality service. The company is committed to providing you with the best logistical advice, whether you are an individual or professional or whether you represent an institution. Each cleaning project is unique and each quote is therefore 100% customised to satisfy your request. As its name suggests, the DNA of our company is above all service!


Reduce the impact on global warming

Prevent sea pollution

Maintain responsible product purchasing

Continue progress in waste management