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Environmental policy

Respect for the environment is one of our major concerns in our industrial cleaning business. This point is also essential to our economic development and is part of a global movement in which our customers and suppliers participate.

For several years now, PARTNER’S SERVICE has been one of the companies involved in an environmental initiative designed to gradually reduce its ecological footprint.
The first ISO 14001-certified company in our field in Monaco, we are also a signatory of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s charter against deforestation.

Our environmental management system applies to all our hygiene and cleaning services. cleaning services.

Our approach is designed to :
– Protect the environment and in particular prevent pollution
– Ensure that our activities meet compliance requirements
– Seize opportunities for improvement

Our priorities are to
– Preventing all forms of pollution
– Complying with our customers’ waste management requirements
– Reducing the carbon footprint of our travel
– Maintaining eco-responsible purchasing of the products we use
– Train our employees and raise their awareness of good environmental practices

Measurable objectives are defined and monitored in the company’s scorecard. To achieve achieve them, we must all play our part in this approach, for which I am providing all the necessary resources. necessary resources.

The environmental officer is responsible for steering the approach and ensuring the continuous improvement of our environmental management system. of our Environmental Management System, with contributions from all our teams.

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