Preserving water
the source of life…

At the very heart of the planet’s environmental issues, water is without doubt the foremost vital resource to preserve for the future of humankind and nature.

Furthermore, HSH the Sovereign Prince has made the fight for water security a key environmental mission.

At the Principality of Monaco’s instigation, and fully aware of this reality, Partners Service is committed to an ecoresponsible approach in which water is of key importance.

An “eco-logical” commitment, you might call it! Changing our water consumption habits, and getting it across to as many people as possible that we need to preserve our water resources: as far as Partner’s Service is concerned, that’s just common sense!

In becoming Monaco’s top cleaning operator, we have chosen to develop with a focus firmly on energy transition, implementing certification projects that seek to minimise our activity’s environmental impacts.

As part of this approach, we have made every effort to raise our employees’, partners’ and customers’ awareness of the importance of such ecoresponsible actions as using eco-labelled products and reducing water and electricity consumption.
Protection of water, the source of all life, is now our number-one priority. And our whole company culture takes part in meeting this fundamentally important challenge.



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