Patrice Dessaigne, Chairman and founder of Partner’s Service, is Monegasque born and bred, and 99% of the company’s turnover comes from the Principality. Partner’s Service has its roots firmly planted in Monaco, and that’s a primordial asset!


In developing its cleaning activity, Partner’s Service has made diversification a priority. Refusing to limit itself to a restricted field of operation, the company is active in a wide range of settings, including offices and administrative premises, luxury hotels, restaurants, spas, laboratories, swimming pools, sports facilities and conference centres.


Partner’s Service continues to forge ahead as Monaco’s leading company in its sector. Its continuing progress is ensured by a sound investment policy as well as by its focus on training and supervising field staff. Supervisory staff account for 20% of its 110 employees, creating strong customer loyalty all round.


In order to continue providing ever better responses to its customers’ expectations and improving the quality of its services, Partner’s Service has implemented a quality management programme that covers its entire organisation. Management reachability and standardised work methods guarantee better results in the quality of work carried out.


Vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and scrubber-dryers requiring no chemical products… just a few items from an equipment stock that is renewed on a regular basis. In compliance with our environmental excellence initiative, labelled products (Ecolabel, Ecocert, Ecoreflex, etc.) are used systematically.



TEL. : +377 92 05 35 50
FAX : +377 92 05 35 40
Le Patio Palace – 41 av. Hector Otto
98000 Monaco